Enhancing Customer Insights: A Fresh Perspective

How likely are you trusting your business relationships on a single digit?

NPS might be easy to use, but do you know what you are really measuring?

You recognize the significance of customer feedback. Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been widely used, but what if there were more accurate ways to gain insights from your B2B customers? Combining NPS with other feedback methods and metrics will get you to an accurate and reliable customer health score.

Why Consider Alternatives to NPS?

Because B2B ≠ B2C

NPS Limitations

  • NPS focuses only on the "likelihood to recommend" question, overlooking other critical aspects of the customer experience
  • NPS doesn't capture specific pain points or actionable feedback

  1. Limited Understanding of Customer Experience: Relying solely on NPS may leave managers with an incomplete picture of their B2B customers' experiences. Without capturing specific pain points or actionable feedback, it's challenging to address underlying issues effectively.

  2. Difficulty in Identifying Improvement Areas: With NPS, managers may struggle to pinpoint areas for improvement beyond the likelihood to recommend. This can hinder efforts to enhance products, services, or customer interactions, leading to missed opportunities for growth and retention.

  3. Risk of Strategies based on wrong data: Only focusing on NPS scores may lead to misguided strategies and investments. Without insights from diverse evaluation methods, such as qualitative feedback or behavioral analysis, managers risk allocating resources based on incomplete or misleading information. This can ultimately impact competitiveness and long-term success in the B2B market.

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